Brilliant Times in Biplanes

I recently had the chance to see the island from a whole new perspective- from the air!

I woke up bright and early full of excitement and anticipation. I have never been one for heights, and I was honestly a little nervous to go up in a small plane, but I had heard great things and so grit my teeth and said yes!

Carly picked me up outside the Harbor View and we drove down to meet  the cameraman Lucas at the Katama Airpark, just a short drive south of Edgartown. We arrived and pulled up outside Classic Aviators and I met with the team. They were grouped around a beautiful bright red 1941 Waco. I completely forgot my pre-flight jitters when they pushed her out. The morning sun caught the wings of the plane and lit her up brilliantly.


Waco in Sun

The team including Matt and Brett explained the safety features of the plane and helped us mount the GoPro to the wing of the plane. After a few more instructions I was handed a (super glamorous!!) leather helmet and goggles climbed in!


Matt started up the engine and we were off! We bumped along over the grass  and as we let the engine warm up, Matt explained told me more about the history of the Katama Air Field, which has been used since 1924.

Finally the engine was all warmed up and with a great whirring of propellers we took off along the airstrip and into the sky!

I was immediately astonished by the view. The island was bathed in bright light from the sunrise and looked pretty dazzling. I watched as cars and houses shrank as we climbed higher. Matt took me over Katama Bay and Chappaquiddick Island, pointing out interesting landmarks and houses along the way. Finally we turned and flew over Edgartown. It was amazing to see the town I am so familiar from above! We dipped and dived over Main Street and made a tight loop over the Harbor View Hotel.




The whole time I was so captivated by what I was looking at that I completely forgot all about my fear of heights. There was no time to be scared when I had the best view on the island! We kept our eyes peeled for sharks (don’t worry, we didn’t see any!) and Matt pointed out an old shipwreck north of Edgartown dating back to the 1800s.

We did one last lap over Edgartown before zooming back over to the airstrip to land. I found myself wishing we didn’t have to go back, but could stay up in the air for a few more hours. I finally understood what Matt had told me before we took off—that flying can become an addiction!


The Classic Aviators biplane rides are a must for all ages, and the team is professional and very friendly. Located at the Katama Air Park just a 15-minute drive from the Harbor View, Classic Aviators offer rides to different parts of the island- from Edgartown to Aquinnah and all the beaches and harbors in between. Rides are offered beginning at 9am, and while reservations are not required, calling ahead during high summer season is always a good idea.

For full information go to: or call: (508) 627-7677


Gretta x